BURNOUT The Series provides a unique opportunity for members of the cannabis industry to promote their products and services alongside top-level Hollywood talent to the core demographic of 21-40 year olds.​

We created this series as a means to break the common stigmas surrounding cannabis use that we have personally experienced in our own lives. Our mission is to provide viewers with an opportunity to see the broad spectrum of cannabis use for wellness and beyond. We believe that NOW IS THE TIME to break the overwhelming cycle of misinformation surrounding this beautiful medicine. By creating a series, we are doing this in a way that keeps viewers entertained while also seeing themselves within our broad range of characters.

The initial filming of Burnout is to create a proof of concept that will then be used for pitching to major networks such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and so forth. Our goal in creating this is to showcase a very clear point of view that will sell this as a full length original series.

This is where we need your help! Currently we are seeking a sponsorship from your company in exchange for any fair offer which would be beneficial to your company.


One example includes using dialogue and/or scenes in the series to show how your product promotes positive wellness through cannabis use. Another example would be using your product in an actual scene in the movie and yet another example might be putting your company’s logo on the poster as a sponsor or in the opening and end credits of the film.


Everything is negotiable to us! We can also continue to promote your company across all of our social media platforms. If the series takes off, it will be a wonderful use of your marketing budget to get your product seen by a wide range of potential customers around the world. Either way, the series will be seen by a multitude of people worldwide gaining your company a healthy amount of exposure.