Tiffany stoker

-Writer, Creator, Producer,



Shannon Hamm

-producer, Creator, writer,


Tiffany Stoker is an actor and singer who became tired of molding herself into characters she didn’t want to play, so she wrote her own. Classically trained, she’s performed in Australia, New York, and theatres throughout the midwest. From stage to film to recording studio, her creativity has never been limited. After studying with Kristin Hanggi (Tony nominated director), Tiffany reignited her love of writing and thus the creation of Burnout began. 
In addition to creating Burnout and working through the process of production, Tiffany has since spent time writing characters and scripts for short films as well as creating the hit podcast, "Life Between Gigs". 


Shannon is an actress, producer and creator in New York City. After attending The American Musical and Dramatic academy, Shannon was lucky enough to land a job doing core background work on the hit CBS Drama, The Good Wife. For six seasons, she was able to take in all that she could about the professional television and film world, all the while studying her craft booking roles in countless shorts and independent films.


  In addition, Shannon has line produced and production managed a variety of short films, web series and feature films over the years. After seeing all of the moving parts that go into creating a film or tv show, Shannon discovered her passion for making a script come to life on the big screen. She deeply understands the moving parts required on both sides of the lens to create a successful production.